Time Stands Still
by Carinda Christie
Played with acoustic guitar with flange on most of the time.
song starts with authentic pan pipes played by Shakimra
picking   Am  c  rpt over and over
Baby i want you forever
baby i need you know
baby your my endeavour
to be real
Am           C          G          Am
Baby      Baby     Baby   I need you know
Am  C  rpt
Darlin my sweet darlin
i hear you calling on the wind
darlin the storm is over inside
G            Am
me inside me
Am          C            G                Am strum
Darlin   Darlin   Darlin  I need you know
Am     G  rpt over and over .
I saw you pass by  i wanted to fly
I saw you pass by but i stopped and cried
Am      C         G       Am
Baby Darlin Baby  i need you know
Em                      Am
i need you know   i need you know
Am  C over & over
Baby times stands still
Darlin your love could kill    G            Am
Baby wheres my dream it`s reality it`s reality
Amin   C        G         Amin (one strum).
Baby Darlin Baby  Times stands still.