Carinda's 6th Cd Release

Carinda is back with an album straight from the heart about living life and her famiy. Supported by a host of world class musicians Ben Hakalitz, Giles Smith, William Keppa, The Capa Choir, Damien Hill, Russell Harriss, Peter Ella and Rubina Kimiia. The album has such a variety of styles that it will have you grooving all the way thru. Recorded with Nigel Pegrum at Pegasus Studios. Launch June 19th 2010 at the Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns, June 26th at the Village Chapel in Yungaburra and June 27th at the Central Hotel in Port Douglas

1 Bonds shirt
2 Feel good song
3 flat broke
4 cruel
5 explode
6 don't cry baby
7 shining star
8 some daze
9 slow down
10 Thank you
11 High Rollers
12 Beautiful Girl
13 A little something

Carinda's fifth C.D.release
"Blue Mumma"(2005)


Eleven years from her first album “Life & Times” and nine years from the 2nd, “Blast Off” which was recorded with Nigel Pegrum finds Carinda yet again working with this wonderful man. The award winning Nigel Pegrum from Pegasus Studios Co producer/mixer of “Blue Mumma” . Michael Lynch from Sony Music praised the recording saying how easy it was to master due to the quality of Nigel’s work.Unlike the two albums in between "As I Am" which has more production and "CloseUp" which was conceived as a showcase for Carinda Christie’s solo act, “Blue Mumma” shows maturity and the simplicity of recording with a live band.Carinda was accompanied on the album by some of Australia’s finest musicians, Ben Hakalitz on drums (Youthi Yindi), Giles Smith on Bass (Dragon/John Williamson to name a few) and Natalie Bliss on harmonies and guest vocals. Shakimra on flute and Russell Harris on Trumpet. . 

1 Mumma
2 He's Dancin
3 I'll carry you
4 Running Water
5 what's to come
6 Believe
7 Loving you too long
8 Contemplating Life
9 These days
10 If ur happy
11 Promises
12 She just cries
13 Home





Carinda's fourth C.D.release

The new sound comes from going solo in Jan 2001 and touring solidly all that year.
It brought out a new side to Carinda and showed us what one woman can do with an acoustic guitar, stomp box and Voice. 
1    Mum
2    Floating
3    Thank u
4    For Sue
5    Do Do song
6    Cornflake Girl
7    Try
8    What Dreams
9    No Imitation
10 Ask Me Baby




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Carinda's third C.D.release

"As I Am"(2000)
consists of 10 songs,
& was produced by Adrian Stuckey & Carinda Christie
& recorded at Big Note Productions on the Gold Coast.
1   title1 
2   title 2
3   title 3
4   title 4
5   title 5
6   title 6
7   title 7
8   title 8
9   title 9
10 title 10





Carinda's second C.D.release
"Blast Off" (1997)
consists of 5 songs, & was produced by Nigel Pegrum
& Carinda Christie, & recorded at Select Sound,
1   What Dreams Are Made Of 
2   Society's Freedom 
3   Time Stands Still 
4   Takin' Me Down 
5   All The Flowers Are Gone 



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 Carinda Christie-lead vocals/accoustic guitar    Geoff Brown-bass guitar
John Young-drums/harmonies    Nigel Pegrum-congas/bongos    Shakimra-pan pipes
Warren Wheeler-electric guitar/keyboards/harmonies    Luke Weston-saxophone(solo)
Ruidi Homberger-saxophone(outro)    Brett Charles-backing vocals (deep man)




Carinda's first C.D.release
"Life & Times"(1994)
consists of 11 songs, & was produced by Dennis Rose
& recorded at Outlaw Records, Cairns.
1     One Town 
2     This Mountain I'm On 
3     Sleep Baby Sleep 
4     Life & Times 
5     Raindrops 
6     Sometimes 
7     I Watch 
8     5 Times Out Of 10 
9     Sea Breeze 
10   As I Look Outside 
11   I Look I See 
 Neil Hodgson-bass guitar     Steve Gilbert-harmonica    Kirk Steele-keyboards
         Matt Harrison-violin   Dennis Rose-guitars/backup vocals  Jumpin' Jack Flash-drums