"As I Am"
Recorded in September, 2000
at Big Note Productions
on the Gold Coast.
Produced by Adrian Stuckey
& Carinda Christie.
Words & music "Carinda Christie 
except "ask me baby" Christie/Stuckey
All Rights Reserved - copyright 2000 
Carinda Christie
"I feel this album shows I have matured as a songwriter and a musician and am very proud to call it mine.
Especially when you take into consideration we recorded it in 14 days flying from Cairns in-between gigs.
Adrian, Jen and Paul from Big Note Productions are a fantastic team of people to work with
and they gave me their all, I love them for it too.
Also a big KISS to my wonderful husband [Scott]
He always gives me all he has to give and more, Thank you baby".
Carinda Christie - Lead & backing vocals,acoustic guitar,keyboard line in "tonight" & don't forget my stomp in "two days" 

Paul Harris - All electric guitar solos including that wicked whah solo in "no imitation",rhythm & lead, 3rd acoustic guitar "ask me baby" 

Jennifer Matthews - All live hand percussion, keyboard solo "tonight" 

Adrian Stuckey - Additional electric/acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drums, backing vocals to "ask me baby" & every other bloody thing you hear! 

"As I Am" is $30-00 includes postage and handling
So please buy one or two and feel  the original experience.