Society`s Freedom
By Carinda Christie.
The Am C G change timing from verse to chorus.
Am  C  G  repeated over and over
Stand Back back x  4
*As we struggle from day to day
the awareness of life seems to slip away
our life`s been hard no giving to us
just a gov`t of greed and people so tough
if we could hold our hands  to better day`s
I know i wouldn`t stand in the way
stand back back
Forgiving isn`t anyone`s best suit
in a society of mute
that`s what this is it`s one big grab
hold on it`s the ride you never had
Stand Back Back
(society`s freedom x 2)
Dm  Fmaj7th  C x 4
Am  C  G  x  4 stop
Riff then solo by Warren Wheeler.
* repeat 1st verse as if speaking
Destiny concieves people of another breed
decades that clash are we going back
I`ve always wondered how man survives
destroying his own land and skies.
(Society`s freedom  society`s freedom x 2)
Society`s freedom   stand back back x 2
(stand back back
 tell me what your made of
stand back back
show me what your made of) x 2
Freedom  freedom   let go go go go go.