What Dreams are Made of
  By Carinda Christie.
Dmin7  C  Repeated over and over.
Going places i`ve always dreamed of
roads & dust, tree`s unseen
Dmin7  C  Bb
never knowing what`s the cause
only know it`s for you
Dmin7  C  Repeated over and over.
Happy miles of music and friends
singin and dancin when will it end
Dmin7  C  Bb
working, haulin and drivin,
all for you
F  Gmin
That`s what dreams are made of
Bb  F rpt over andover                              Dmin7  C
Sweat, frustration and smiling faces all for you
Dmin7  C  rpt over and over
You know what you are
you can reach the highest star
Dmin7  C   Bb
you can make a grown man cry
 Dmin7  C x  2
flying through, speed of sound.
Dmin7                C                       Bb
all for you--oo  never wanted something so bad
                           C                       Bb
                          never knew i could touch
Dmin7   C  rpt
people from every race know the feeling of your
 grace x  2
Dmin7           C                   Bb
fast and slow loud and soft  you never seem to get enuf
Chorus x  2
solo over   [Dmin7  C   Dmin7]  x  3   [Bb  F  Bb  F  Bb] x  2
            that progression four times, than ends on Dmin7.