Takin me down.
By Carinda Christie.
I wrote this on my birthday sitting at home in the kitchen.
starts with run down on 7th fret, third string down(A note)
and 5th fret, 4th string down (C# note).
A A7  D D7 x 4
Workin so hard my mind will freeze
feelin like my old hands will seize
you`ve been to much of a teeze for me
my heart stops  my hands  drop
and im down on my knees
F#m  Bm  x  2
your takin me down to lower ground
your thrown my heart in the lost and found
             A      A7          D       D7                 A
and my heart stops my hands drop and im down on my
            D     F#m    E
knees  ees   ees   ees
A    A7    D  D7  x  4
and after all, after all the time we spent together
and after all the fine wine we seem to share forever
your still  your still your still your still my
B  E
love.  oh  yeah
repeat chorus  From the F#m go to the C in solo no no E chord like in the first chorus.
C  G  C  G  C  D
F#m    Bm  x 2
I`ve raised myself,  I`ve raised myself to higher ground
picked my heart up from that lost and found
                 A      A7           D        D7          B            D
oh and my heart beats, my hands lifted me to, to my feet.