Carinda Christie
is an emerging Australian indie artist currently taking her solo show around the country.  She has developed a formidable reputation due to her prowess as an absolute seasoned performer & songwriter. 
Her repertoire of diverse energetic originals, leaning towards a folk, pop, rock and blues combination appeals to audiences of all ages.
Carinda has been well promoted  in television, media coverage & merchandising, further enhancing her reputation.  
Carinda Christie Solo
After years of playing with bands at the end of 2000 Carinda  decided to pick up her well loved acoustic guitar and travel Solo, singing her originals and selling her albums.  From Festivals such as The Woodford Folk Festival Qld to the 2001 Goodwill Games. The venue whether big or small, the audience is captured within her spell. 
Carinda Christie's act is all acoustic.  She sings, plays acoustic guitar, Dobro Slide guitar     and stomp box and lights up the show with humourous and entertaining annecdotes about life and music.
Music goes back a way in Carinda's family; both parents musicians from a long line. 
Playing guitar, piano, writing poetry and singing as a youngster she dreamed of entertaining. At nineteen she picked up her brothers guitar and starting singing professionally and has never stopped.  
The journey has found her playing in Venues such as
the famous Johnos Blues Bar in Cairns, to Festivals with 15,000 people.
Carinda has released four original albums and supported some fantastic Acts (more info below).  Carinda's reputation is growing rapidly after two solo tours along the East Coast in 2001.  She has widespread press coverage with stories and rave CD reviews in newspapers and magazine and on radio and TV.  With a growing mailing list  throughout Australia and the world Carinda recieves regular fan mail.  She now employs a professional writer to keep in touch with music lovers via a monthly newsletter through which she advertises all performances and promotes her music.

 Paper Reviews

"A soloist with the potential to make a significant impact at a national level....she has a strong sense of rhythm and her playing has a pronounced percussive edge.....with a strong powerful voice which cuts across a wide octave range and boasts gobsmacking sustain.  Tony Hillier Barfly 14 Feb 2002

"Cairns singer guitarist and stomp box player Carinda Christie" has "an earthiness that should captivate lovers of soulful pop, folk, accomplished performer, who lists a support act for Collective Soul at the recent Goodwill Games among her credits....a refreshing change from so many moulded mainstream performers today".         Aldwyn Altuney, Gold Coast Sun   Sept 26 2001

"Carinda's charismatic out there, in-your-face attitude and evergetic fusion of pop, rock and folk are a refreshing change of pace in an era of manufactured pop music...."                  The Coffs Harbour Advocate, Thursday November 15 2001

"Carinda Christie, performing her originals, channelled the spirit of Ms Janis Joplin in one of the most passionate perfromances seen in a very long time. truly jaw dropping".                  Sharon Lenehan, Barfly July 2000

"This chick doesn't play around with a not, she smacks it right in the guts!".       Harry Slee, Barfly Dec 2000


 Carinda's first C.D.release "Life & Times"
consists of eleven original songs.
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 The release of her second C.D. "Blast Off"
has been extremely well received by both industry & the music loving public.
"Blast Off" has a slightly different flavour than the first C.D.
appealing to a wider market.
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Carinda's third album"As I Am".  Click the cover below for more info.



Carinda's fourth album, "CloseUp"- an acoustic feast of songs, re-releases and covers in Febuary 2002.



 Carinda's fifth C.D.release "Blue Mumma"(2005)

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Festival Performances include: 
  • *The 2001 Goodwill Games, (Carlton Mid Club)  Brisbane.
  • *Hamilton Island Race Week, 2000 & 2001.
  • *Mackay Retreat Rally, QLD.
  • *The Aquarius Festival, Woodstock, Tasmania.
  • *The Lismore Festival, N.S.W.
  • *Wallaby Ck Festival, Qld.
  • *Mission Beach Lunafest, N.Qld. 
    *Grafton Jazz and Blues Festival NSW.
    *The Whitsunday Country Rock and Blues Festival.
    *Yungabarra Folk Festival Qld. Qld
    *Woodford Folk Festival Qld.     
  • *Port Douglas Carnivale
  • *Emerald Heartland Festival.
  • *Palm Ck Folk Festival, Townsville (2004/2005)
  • *Spiegeltent Brisbane Festival 2009
  • *Undara Country, rock and blues
  • *Q150 Brisbane and Cairns Show
  • *Women in song, Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns. 2008,2009,2010


Support Acts : 
Tina Cousins, Wendy Matthews, Billy Thorpe, Dave Ritter Band, Ted Mulray Gang, Johnny Johnson, Dutch Tilders, Red Rivers, Kevin Borich , The Cockroaches, Things of Stone & Wood, Collective Soul, Pseudo Echo,  The Hippos, Graeme Connors, Grace Knight and more. 
Be certain to catch this highly energetic
motivated & professional performer!