by Carinda Christie/ Adrian Stuckey
capo 3rd fret
intro Em D A D /  Em D A A
verse Em D A D/ Em D A A
it takes 100 years to forgive and 1000 to forget
if maybe Ican hold on this wont be my regret
pre chorus – G C G G
take me back to that day sun is gone skies are grey
CHORUS Em D C Em X 2 Em D C Em / C A A
but ask me baby if you were there
I’ll tell you yes you were
my mouths dry from the tears I cry
ask me baby x 3
you’ve been with me in my heart
I close my eyes we’re worlds apart
all around me everything I still
in the darkness I can see you
pre chorus
ask me baby x 6
bridge Em D C C x 2
if you had seen what i went thru
the truth belongs to me not you
you left without a good-bye
if i had known would i have cried
Em G A x 4
cried cried yeah
solo A C X 3 HOLD A    B
chorus x 2 B in the middle
ask me baby [stop]
ask me baby [stop]