By Carinda Christie.
Drums start 2 bars
D Em  G  A
Take me, take me as I am
Come on and take me, take me as I am x 2
Chorus - D em g a
You gotta understand
you have to take me as I am
I cant win your love with both [stop] hands in one glove
So donít
send me on despite all the beautiful things that Iíve done for you
donít bring me down im not the one thatís the clown
G  A             Bm
close your eyes   realize
G   A               d maj7   em  x 4
Close your eyes
D Em G A
Here I am again still singing that same old song
Donít know when itís ever gonna end
Days go by your still the same
Months go by nothings goanna change
G  A                     Bm
Close your eyes,  how long till you
solo D Em G A x 4
Bm Em  Bm A x 4 hold on last A
D Em G A x 4 talking
G A  x 4